Your best Hungarian food experience in Budapest

Chefparade Cooking School is contemporary cosmopolitan cooking studio where you can master the basics of Hungarian cooking in a fun and interactive atmosphere.

Our hands-on courses give you the opportunity to cook and ask questions side-by-side with our Chefs. Learn about the basic ingredients and spices like paprika along with best cooking practices so that you’ll be able to treat your family and friends to a fantastic Hungarian dinner in your homecountry.

The courses run in the late morning hours finishing with a lunch.

If you wish, you can visit the famous Great Market Hall where you get information about the Market’s history, your chef shows you the basic Hungarian ingredients, fruits/vegetables and spices and buy ingredients for the course.

  • Learn to make the famous
    goulash soup
  • Try and taste fantastic desserts like pancakes the Hungarian way
  • Be taught how to roll apple strudel
  • All instructions are very easy to understand and follow
  • This is a hands on school everybody works on his/her own station
  • All ingredients are nicely prepared
  • Get to know typical Hungarian spices like paprika powder or caraway
  • If you like your dishes to have a kick, it’s your place
  • If you are a group and/or want to cook large portions it is all right with us


0830 (optional)

Have a hearty breakfast at the Market with your local guide.

0900 (optional)

Meeting at the Fővám tér – opposite to the Market Hall - short tour at the Great Market. Through the product we explore the culinaria of Hungary.


Arrival at the Chefparade Cooking School (from the Market tour by cab).


Cooking 3 Hungarian dishes in pairs (soup, main dish, dessert), talking about the Hungarian gastronomy with your local instructor.


Having your own lunch (with you guests invited if you please)

Rates and Inquiry

Standard Package*

140 EUR or 172 USD / 2 persons;
70 EUR or 89 USD / 1 person

Premium Extension**

+39 EUR or +52 USD / 1 addition

Market Visit/Shopping

19 EUR or 25 USD;
Breakfast at the Market: 29 EUR or 39 USD / 1 person

Guest Lunch or CHILD

19 EUR or 25 USD / 1 person


* Standard Package

cooking ingredients, recipes that you can take with you after the course, chefs help, kitchenware and utensils, use of aprons, refreshment (soft drinks), and of course lunch (what you cooked)


one bottle of fine Hungarian wine + a Chefparade Hungarian Classics cookbook + one Chefparade apron and taxi pick you up at your Hotel and bring to the Market Place / Chefparade cooking school

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Q: Is the course hands-on?
A: Yes. Our courses are ‘completely hands-on’.
Students get to prepare all the dishes themselves.
We have many cooking stations and ovens.
Q: What is the length of the course?
A: One course is completed in 3-3,5 hrs,
depending your skills and dishes you make.
Q: Can we choose the dishes we like?
A: Yes, select from here , or you can ask for
your own dishes you always wanted learn.
Q: Is there a course for vegetarians?
Or for people with food allergy?
A: Yes, of course. Our recipes are very versatile; they can be carefully adapted to accommodate vegetarians, or to deal with lactose or gluten intolerance.
Q: Do we have to bring anything to the class?
A: Not at all. Just put on your comfortable gears. An enjoyable “hands-on” cooking experience awaits you at Chefparade.
Q: Is there course on every day?
A: Yes, we hold courses every day, but it’s necessary to make appointment via e-mail/phone.


Info line+36/20/316-1876

Please always check your confirmation email or call your
contact person about the location of your event before it starts.

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